Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Vol 77 - Do It Again

LSB & DRS - Keep The Time
T & Sugah - Lost On My Own (Flite Remix)
Delta Heavy, Dirty Audio, Holly - Stay (Maduk Remix)
Anile - Constant Reminder
Kori - Safe At Last Feat. Elle Chante (Bert H Remix)
Seathasky - 1999 (Monrroe Remix)
Edlan - Moonlight
Keeno - A Breath (Feat. Alice Gasson)
Telomic & Direct - Weakness (Feat. Matt Van)
BCee - Hand on My Heart
Subtension - Voices
The Vanguard Project - Milestone
Arctic Lake - Heal Me (Spectrasoul Remix)
Matrix & Futurebound - Control (Feat. Max Marshall)
Stylus, Lunos, L├śREN - Do It Again
Dawn Wall - Devils Night
Mohican Sun - Darkest Hour
Ursine Vulpine Feat. Annaca - Wicked Game (Sulex Remix) [DJ Mighty ;) Vocal VIP]
Telomic - Alone (Feat. Notelle)
Wilkinson Feat. Karen Harding - All for You (Extended Mix)
Redeyes - Shattered Dream
Noon, Michael Kvorka - Love Frequency
Edgecore Feat. Sabine Vidrike - Kites

tnx Sulex | source



  1. It was just as good as all your mixes i've heard before. But your "vocal VIP" totaly blew me away! I think there's no 30+ man in the world who can keep calm listening to this vocal. Thanks, man!
    Ah, shazamed it several times without result before looked at the tracklist... :)

    1. Sulex is the main man behind the Wicked Game remix : )

      For my mixing purposes I needed to make some changes to the tune. So the beginning (first minute and half) and ending (minute and half) has been changed. Mostly for vocal reasons.

      Hence vocal vip

      DJ Mighty ;)

  2. Damn, now i realized Sulex did this remix. Anyway, thanks for helping me discover this track!