Friday, September 27, 2019

Vol 76 - Cold Love

Edlan - Dubcatcher (Feat. Ella Noel)
Fourward - What If
Changing Faces - The Upside Down
ZeroZero Feat. LaMeduza - Before
Pola & Bryson - Cold Love
Dan Guidance - On My Own
Technimatic & LSB - Sight Lines
Edlan - Used To Be
Dexcell - The Fear (Feat. Louisa Bass)
Bert H & High N Sick & Monrroe - Look At Me (Feat. Becca Jane Grey)
Alex Klingle - Colors Back (Urbandawn Remix)
Netsky - Iron Heart (Nu:logic Remix)
Royalston - People On The Ground (Feat. Hannah Joy) (Anile Remix)
Air.K & Cephei - Smiles (Feat. Edlan)
Tali - Falling Leaves (Feat. SMP & Ed Waaka)
Monrroe - Everywhere I Go
Jome - Cinnamon (Hybrid Minds Remix)
Utah Jazz Feat. DRS - Handle This (Pola & Bryson Remix)
Krakota - Callback
Whiney & Keeno - Never Too Long
Grafix - Photons
Etherwood Feat. Thomas Oliver - See The Sky
Reflektor Feat. Anastasia - This Love
Dan Guidance - Twilight
Collette Warren - Betrayal Feat. Quadrant & Iris



  1. Hey man, my friend showed me your mixes last year and we've both now listened to nearly all of them. Was starting to worry you'd stopped making them but glad to see number 76! Hope you keep making them!

    1. Hi

      I had a long break. Too long. And to top that I accidentally deleted my vol 76 playlist.

      Deleting the playlist was probably a good thing as I changed quite a lot eventually.

      The break was long because I did not feel like making a mix for a long time. Hopefully I have my itches for mixes more often again now

      Thanks for your concern : )

      Cheers to you and your friend
      Keep listening and spread the love
      DJ Mighty ;)

  2. Heya

    Thanks again for a wonderful piece of music.
    Breaks are often needed, and since you came back with a great mix it was probably for the best! New energy, a clear mind and a vision for the future are only available after a moment of rest and reflection in my opinion. This mix sounds like you did just that. ;)

    Take care!