Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vol 50 - Only U

Nelver - I'll Stop This
Angel - Wonderful (Dexcell AM Remix)
Lenzman Feat. Riya - How Did I Let U Go
Kasper - Vivaldi
Nelver - Mayan Prophecy
Komatic & Technicolour & Jayma - Stay
SpectraSoul Feat. Tamara Blessa - Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
Anile & Hybrid Minds - Old Times
Pennygiles - I Remember
Apex - Surrender
Smote & SoundNbeats - A World Full Of Lies
Johnny Cash - Hurt (Budoka Remix)
DRS Feat. Lenzman & Jehst & Riya - Holding On
Nu-Direction - Light Hope
Technicolour & Komatic & LSB - Rotary Motion
Karma - Only U
Nelver - Hollywood Night (Digital Twist Remaster)
B-Complex - Three Dots

tnx for vol 50! :D
sry for overburn...


  1. Who still uses CDs anyway?

    Cheers for the new mix sir, hope married life is treating you well. Was thinking on the weekend it had been too long since we got a mix from you :)

  2. Actually, I Do use CD-s.

    I have them for "trophies", like Dexter :P

  3. Very good mix. The sound of Johnny Cash's voice just gets to me, nicely chosen remix.

    Thumbs up and keep them coming! :)

  4. Some bad-ass mixes on this blog. Very nice work and much appreciated.

    Shoutout from the UK!

  5. Amazing, been following this blog for a long time!
    Where can I find mixes 1 to 15? would be much appreciated

  6. Thanks for the support :)

    I do not have all the mixes in mp3 format. The first mixes I recorded onto a cassette and the cassettes are long gone. Sorry.

  7. Damn dude this one is fucking fire.
    The track that's on at 20:05 is unlike anything i've ever heard,

    You are doing an amazing job and I dig your taste.
    Thanks very much for making this.
    You rock.