Friday, December 1, 2017

Vol 71 - Sweet Lies

S.P.Y - Dreaming
Pola & Bryson - Unsaid (Feat. Blake)
Vector & Macca & Loz Contreras & Charli Brix - Lose Myself
Satl & Malaky - Her
Nelver & Emtee - Resolutions
Bert H & High N Sick & Monrroe - Without You
Northern Zone - Foxley
Technimatic - Parallel (Feat. Zara Kershaw) (LSB Remix)
Frankee & Ella Rothwell - Red Light
Muffler - Serenity
Nelver - Memories Of You
KREAM & Clara Mae - Drowning (Keeno Remix)
Wilkinson Feat. Livvi Franc - In The Dark
Seba Feat. Jenna G - Sweet Magnolia (Air. K & Cephei Remix)
Pola & Bryson - Monument
Keeno - Tree Houses
BCee - Sun Goes Down (Pola & Bryson Remix)
Nu:Logic - Our Nights (Feat. The Nextmen)
Nelver - City Lights
SpectraSoul - Second Chance
Dexcell - Sins (Feat. Charli Brix)
Blue Marble - Feel Good
Wilkinson - Sweet Lies (Feat. Karen Harding) | source



  1. Really loving this new one! Lots of tracks that I hadn't found yet, that I just love.

    Also, way happier with Sweet Lies when it closes out your set than I am when listening to it in the middle of Hypnotic

    1. Thank You!

      I take quite some time to choose the tunes to be in the mix.

      In the pursuit of perfectness I have to try some not so wellknown tunes also ; )

      Really glad you like the mix : )

      DJ Migthy ;)

  2. Paha!!! I haven't commented in a while but I listen to your mixed all the time! I'm so excited to see a new one. I already love it! If you ever come to California we will party to the sounds of liquid magic!!! Thank you so much for making these.

    1. Hi and thank You for kind words

      I make these mixes for myself and it is just a bonus if it suites for others as well

      I have not yet come to the States. Will see what the future brings.

      Thank You for the feedback,
      it really means a lot for me
      DJ Mighty ;)

  3. Hi.. I'm Aaron ford aka 4D. One third of the trio of drum and bass producers, consisting of myself, conrad subs and j.o.e. Who together Co run triplicate audio. Was basically just reaching out to ask you if you would like to be on our promo list and receive all our releases completely free two weeks before official release! All we ask in return is any type of promo, support or feedback you have time to give us. If you're interested drop us your email. In the meantime check out our website.
    Peace out!
    4D aka Aaron ford
    Triplicate audio
    Wicked mix btw mate! Big ups

    1. Quite nice tunes You have there.

      I'll be in touch shortly...

      Best wishes,
      DJ Mighty ;)

  4. You still alive mate? Been rockin the last mix for months now, but it's time for some fresh tunes now the sun is shining again! Hope it comes out soon.
    Have a great one!

    1. Hi

      Still alive, thanks for worrying : )

      Just finished the first play through of the next mix. It is probably too long and I need to change some tunes...

      so, please hang on a little while longer.

      Link to a tune that will surely be in the mix

      DJ Mighty ; )

  5. Probably listed to this mix 10 times already, really really loved this one. It made me cry and helped worked through some emotional stuff I've been goin through lately. Thanks alot and keep up the great mixes!