Thursday, November 24, 2016

Vol 68 - Secret Smile

Technimatic Feat. Lucy Kitchen - Secret Smile
Ulterior Motive Feat. James Sunderland - Stay (Lenzman remix)
Edlan Feat. Ella - Dreamcatcher
Urbandawn - They Told Me (Feat. Thomas Oliver)
Pola & Bryson Feat. Siege - Way Back
Flite - Dive
Theoretical - Canyon
Metrik & Rothwell - We Got It
GLXY - Still Here Feat. Elizabeth Swan (GLXY Remix)
Flowidus Feat. Samahra Eames - Medicate
Phloem & Zoe Moon - Pathos
Whiney - Teddy's Gate (Feat. LaMeduza)
Submotion Orchestra Feat. Ed Thomas - Empty Love (GLXY Remix)
Mage - Summer In The City
Jakwob Feat. Maiday - Fade (Etherwood Remix)
Hybrid Minds - Kismet (Feat. Riya)
In:most - I Can't Do
Strife II - Morning Chorus
L'Tric - This Feeling (Keeno Remix)
MOUNT & Nicolas Haelg - Something Good (Rene LaVice Extended Remix)
Air.K & Cephei - Savannah
Metrik & Romeo Testa - How Far



  1. Mate! Thanks for yet another great mix. My previous comments didn't see the light in your earlier posts, but I hope this one will.

    Your mixes are great, even though you may think they're not, believe me, they are! There's always a smile on my face when I see you dropped a new mix. And you never dissapoint. So keep it up and stay safe and healthy! P'z

    1. Thank you for the kind words :)

      I really appreciate the feedback. The least I can do is bring smiles on the faces of people -- be them secret smiles or not ;)

      Keep nodding to the liquid vibe and share the love..

      DJ Mighty ;)

    2. I couldn't agree more! I've been listening the mixes for several years now and I still feel excited every time a new one comes out! Thank you and keep it up! :)

  2. YES! In my opinion the best source for Liquid DnB mixes is here. I don't know how you manage to find the best tracks and mix them together, but you're great at it. The only kontra here is that there are only a few mixes a year.

    But I re-listen to your older mixes regularly. They're all great. In my opinion, you've become better and better though, when I compare e.g. your 40-68 mixes to older ones.

    Please never let this die. :)

    1. Thank you for the feedback :)

      Glad to see others notice too that I have evolved ;)

      DJ Mighty ;)